General Public - Results

We recruited just under 1000 children in this study.  Our main findings so far were to establish that: 

1.  The quality of life of children with asthma across Scotland is generally very good.  Factors which affect quality of life include severity of asthma, poverty, having hayfever and being exposed to cigarette smoke.

2.  Obesity is only very weakly linked to risk for asthma attacks and is not associated with day-to-day asthma symptoms.  This was confirmed by merging our data with other populations.

3. Treatment with a certain combination of medications (inhaled corticosteroids and long acting beta agonists) is less effective in preventing asthma attacks for the 60% of children and young people who have a certian gene.  We propose that further research is requried to determined whether an additional treatment (leukotriene receptor antagonist, e.g. montelukast) should be used in addition for this group.